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We Love Helping Babies and Young Kids Stay Healthy. Conveniently located in the Eastlake area, we invite you to become part of the Gerken Family.

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Dr. Gerken is Chula Vista’s only diplomat certified pediatric chiropractor.  Working with kids of all ages is our specialty.  Any mother who’s experienced birth knows that even the best delivery can be a little traumatic for both the newborn and the mother. Using only the gentlest techniques, Dr.  Gerken helps newborns avoid colic, ear infections and headaches. His Certified technique also improves sleeping, nursing and digestion so our littlest patients can developed to their full potential.


Yes! Toddlers need chiropractors too. Spinal misalignments can keep the body from developing normally. Falling is a normal part of learning to walk and every fall and tumble has the potential to inhibit the spine from growing normally. Even well meaning parents can cause misalignments with their kids when protecting them from potentially dangerous situations. From spills and falls to roughhousing and everyday life, we keep the toddler properly aligned and free from subluxations.