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We Love Treating The Whole Family

We specialize in treating the entire family from pregnancy to adult and beyond. Conveniently located in the Eastlake area, we invite you to become part of the Gerken Family.

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We adjust kids of all ages to help them heal from the traumas of life. Any mother who’s experienced birth knows that even the best delivery can be traumatic for both the newborn and the mother. Our Chiropractic doctors use only the gentlest techniques to help newborns avoid colic, ear infections and headaches. Chiropractic also improves sleeping, nursing and digestion so they can developed to their full potential.


Yes! Toddlers need chiropractors too. Spinal misalignments can keep the body from developing normally. Falling is a normal part of learning to walk and every fall and tumble has the potential to inhibit the spine from growing normally. Even well meaning parents can cause misalignments with their kids when protecting them from potentially dangerous situations. From spills and falls to roughhousing and everyday life, we keep the toddler properly aligned and free from subluxations.


Soccer, ballet, football, swimming, the active life of kids changes with every season. Long hours sitting in class combined with fun activities can leave a student with developing bones that are out of place. Kids bodies adapt and overcome pain quickly it’s easy for small problems to go unnoticed. Weekly visits can maximize their growing potential, prevent small problems from becoming big ones and keep the doctor informed of their quickly changing spinal needs.


Our Chiropractic doctors understand that teenage brain that can be more reactive than logical or experience based. Often focused on electronics, friends, driving and independence, Chiropractic care can help keep the teenage mind developing into a responsible adult. Quickly changing hormones and growth spurts can cause nutrition deficiencies that can effect behavior and limit potential. Adjusting the teenage spine helps transition the teen’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing from puberty to adulthood.


Adults arrive in our office with a variety of concerns. From aches and pains to detoxification and weight loss goals. That is why our goal is provide individual care and a tailored treatment plan that will support individual needs. We can help adults keep up with their kids or participate in challenging activities. With us on the team, adults can do anything.


Many of our patients take advantage of our family visit. We have special, large rooms that are perfect for the whole family to visit at the same time with one of our easy family appointments. We have fun books and multiple tables allowing each member of your family to relax and enjoy while they anticipate their turn. Get in and out together or break the visit up between drivers. We have many appointment times to fit your busy schedule.


Yes, we treat kids of all ages from newborns to seniors and we love making the most of your visit. Our Chiropractic doctors believe life is about growing old actively. Maximizing life’s experiences is all about being able to be involved and it’s impossible to participate if you don’t feel lively. We love keeping all our patients energetic, involved and enjoying life. We are continually surprised at how many reversible conditions our patients are told are just part of aging by other doctors.