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<webster technique>

Webster Technique

Our Chiropractic doctors are certified in the Webster Technique. This means they are specifically educated to gently align the pelvic bones and have experience with large babies and twin birth techniques. Our doctors have helped pregnant women transition through all three stages of pregnancy to help with recovery and breastfeeding.


<special rooms>

Special Rooms

We've dedicated a room for our expectant mothers. Our chiropractic doctors understand that bending is challenging so there should be a table to place your personal belongings. The floor should be clear of tripping hazards, open and airy because seeing your feet can be a challenge. The tables are wider and are able to lift higher to make getting on and off easy.

<special tables>

Special Tables

We have special tables that open up at the tummy to allow extra room for the little one. Our Chiropractic tables are designed to grow with you through all three stages of pregnancy and allow for more freedom and comfort for optimal care.

<special pillows>

Special Pillows

Soft pillows and cushions have been designed so you can lie face down!  Often the breasts and stomach are very tender for a pregnant woman and these supports can make a huge difference in comfort. And, yes, we have different supports to help you at every month of pregnancy, from month one to month ten.

<symptoms chiropractic can help during pregnancy>


• Low back pain
• Mid-back pain 
• Hip pain 
• Pelvic pain 
• Urinary discomfort
• Headache
• Fatigue 
• Nausea
• Sciatica 
• Leg Pain

Our Chiropractic doctors are licensed in the Webster Technique, which means they specialize in aligning bones before, during and after pregnancy. When the pelvis is out of alignment, a variety of symptoms can occur.  Chiropractic is holistic, gentle and works with your body the way it was designed to function. Chiropractic also works well in conjunction with your obstetrician, doula or midwife.

<after the baby is bone>

After the Baby is Born

Pregnancy is an exciting time full of discovery and miracles, which continues through your baby's arrival and growth. These exciting changes can have some challenges too and we're here to support you. Even the most perfect birth can be a little traumatic for baby and mom. Healing? Recovery? Whatever your goals, we can help.

<newborn welcome to the world>

Welcome to the World

We offer a "Welcome to the World" visit after your baby is born. This visit can be a huge help for baby, who's learning the ropes of life. Sometimes baby's bones are not aligned after even the most gentle birth. This can make nursing almost impossible and digestion uncomfortable. Learn what our doctors can do to support your new one throughout development.